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R-tek helps you discover, develop and deploy a more efficient thermal solution for your electronic device.

We link clients with global suppliers and integrators to help them understand their best polymer-based thermal management options. R-tek takes pride in being a thermal solutions company with deep global resources. We’re able to develop independently tailored solutions to fit application-specific thermal challenges. Just a few of the many markets we currently serve are computing, data storage, automotive, telecom, solar, lighting, aerospace, medical and military. Our value-driven, experience-based knowledge can show our clients how to streamline their processes and realize a more efficient product lifecycle. We offer:

  • Products from multiple global suppliers
  • In-house design assistance
  • Customized configurations and packaging
  • Global fulfillment and distribution
  • Quick turn samples

Your key strategic partner in building a cost-efficient, reliable thermal solution right from the start.

R-tek searches through the thousands of thermal interface materials on the market and then helps you pinpoint the solutions that specifically fit your requirements. The polymer-based thermal management market has dozens of suppliers with dozens of product lines. We independently seek out the quality solutions so you don’t have to. If you are hard-pressed to find what you are looking for on the market, R-tek can also conduct an expanded search. We’ll dig into an even broader selection of chemical suppliers to identify and locate products that match those difficult to find requirements. Face it, your time is valuable, don’t waste it. Let the experts at R-tek help.

R-tek Thermal Solutions has more connections than just chemical companies! We can link you with the equipment manufacturers who can make pre-production easier and have a proven history of processing demanding products. Whether it is liquid dispensed products, fabricated parts from sheeted materials or a multitude of different coatings, R-tek can assist in linking you with the correct equipment.

Deal with less moving parts. We can manage your thermal materials and be your single point of integration. R-tek is able to connect with your existing locations and coordinate all your logistic needs. Optimize your inventory and reduce the processing steps, we have the ability to warehouse, package and ship your thermal solution. Whether it’s domestic or international, we have a range of options that can reach any location around the world.

R-tek has the flexibility to vet any independent solution that best solves our clients requirements.

We offer compelling benefits over other companies who seek to push only their own line of products. As an experienced industry leader, R-tek is uniquely qualified to assist clients in evaluating and navigating their thermal material options and their performance. We help identify thermal solutions that can best streamline productivity, manage heat and improve device integrity. R-tek’s resources are constantly expanding to meet the requirements of our customer base.

R-tek is a company that provides high level thermal management materials customized to each clients requirement level. What makes us unique, is that we are an independent source, with the ability to evaluate data, run down options and help you manage virtually any aspect of your thermal development. We look to provide the most efficient and robust possibilities for protecting your electronic device.

Here are just a few of our industry leading solution providers.

It is our privilege to work alongside the electronic industry’s top manufacturers and integrators. This expanding list of innovators allows us to provide nothing but best-in-class solutions, service and consultative expertise to our clients.


Kerafol successfully develops and produces materials for the field of Thermal Management. The products have been used in various electronic applications for over 25 years, from power electronics to various automotive applications such as battery, power conversions, electric powertrain, charging, sensor technology and much more. Especially for the thermal management requirements for the automotive sector, Kerafol offers a unique product portfolio.
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NanoTIM Co. Ltd, is a specialist in Thermal Interface Material (TIM). They manufacture advanced thermally conductive materials, such as thermal interface gap fillers, phase-change materials and thermal pads. These heat management materials improve both the reliability and life expectancy of your electronic products.
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Polytec PT

Polytec PT develops and produces silicone-free thermal interface materials and technical epoxy adhesives such as electrically conductivity adhesives, all designed for ease of use and durability. In coordination with customer and market requirements, Polytec PT is constantly developing new, improved materials customized to their customers particular application.
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Olympic Bonding Solutions

Olympic is an acrylic foam tape manufacturer. They are specialists in acrylate chemistry offering high-end, customized solutions. Their AFT can replace mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives in permanent bonding applications.
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EFI Polymers

EFI Polymers is a company based in Denver, Colorado. They are a custom polymer formulator, manufacturer and supplier of one and two-part epoxy potting, urethane potting, adhesives, specialty coatings and electrical potting products. Their materials are used for sealing and protecting electrical devices from harsh environments, bonding and securing materials and to coat substrates.
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Sorbothane Inc.

Sorbothane manufacturers a proprietary, visco-elastic polymer. It is a thermoset, polyether-based, polyurethane material. It delivers a superior damping coefficient, over a very wide temperature range, compared to any other polymer. It combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics.
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Looking for a quick turn?
Options bring value. R-tek offers you on-call samples and prototyping.

We understand the need for engineers to get a hands-on sample fast. R-tek provides solution support and in-house design expertise for all your thermal management needs. Backed by R-tek’s stocking, converting and manufacturing capabilities, along with our technical services, we can be a one-stop, time and money-saving resource. We are able to deliver a quality prototype or sample within 48 hrs. guaranteed. Talk to us directly about your deadline. R-tek has all the resources to help you propel your device to market first.

Now let’s start the conversation and find your thermal solution.

Hitting a thermal speed bump? Interested in learning more? Nothing would make us happier than to work with you and take on a new challenge. If you’re ready to streamline your thermal program – or just want to explore additional product options, simply contact us by filling out the form below. You’re one click or call away from your solution.

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