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R-tek is at the center of it all. From industry leading products to top tier dispensing systems. We evaluate and partner with leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Our equipment suppliers have automated dispensing technologies that are specially designed and customized for the precise application of liquid thermal interface formulations. They provide equipment built for performance, maximizing pressure and accuracy. Their dependable dispensing systems are built for your high throughput production. As preferred vendors, they are able to ensure compatibility and superior reliability.

“Your single source for tapping the expertise and insights of multiple global suppliers.”

Systems specially designed to handle liquid dispensed gap fillers and adhesives

There are several considerations to be aware of when you begin to use a liquid dispensed thermal interface material. First and foremost, is choosing the correct product for your application and process. With hundreds of options available with different polymers, filler packages and cure schedules, it’s important to work with a company that can help narrow down the options and help focus the research.   

The second consideration, but equally as important if not critical, is choosing the right dispensing equipment supplier. Whenever a liquid dispensed material is introduced into a production environment, there will be a learning curve. Thermally conductive mediums are no exception. The high loading of ceramic fillers creates a material which can behave like sandpaper during dispensing. This abrasion can cause premature wear on many aspects of the dispensing equipment. Often times, overpressurization is used to get these highly filled products moving through the system. This can often result in damage to containers, polymer and filler separation, and caking of the material throughout the dispensing system. It is important that a production company aligns themselves with a dispensing equipment manufacturer who is well versed in thermally conductive liquid dispensed materials, to assist in avoiding pitfalls.

The benefits of liquid dispensed Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)

  • Highly automated and repeatable
  • Excellent conformability
  • Optimized material usage
  • Logistics simplification
  • Low assembly stress
  • Single solution for multiple applications

System configurations for TIM dispensing comes in a variety of different forms. Your method of placement can be as simple as a hand-held unit, semi-automated or entry-level, up to large complex automation equipment. R-tek has experience working with many customers to assist them in starting and scaling up their automated process. Selecting your material and matching it with the correct automated equipment is an integral part of a successful solution.

  • Thermal performance and cost
  • Thermal conductivity – 1.0 to 4.0 W/m-K
  • Thermal impedance – > 0.15ºC-in²/W
  • One and two-component systems
  • Silicone and non-silicone based solutions
  • Various cure mechanisms
  • 94 VO UL rating

We have a vast network of world-class equipment suppliers and integrators.

Meet some of our “Preferred System Providers” for liquid dispensing. Our network of material and equipment suppliers all have long standing records for superior performance. They are held to some of the highest industry standards and are regularly reviewed by R-tek for quality service and customer support. Whatever your needs are, from small to large, R-tek has the right equipment for your material. No worries, whether it’s on-site or on call, we have equipment backed by technical support available and ready.


Liquid Dispensing Equipment

bdtronic / Preferred System Provider

Precision dispensing of TIM materials for high throughput production.
bdtronic company logo

bdtronic is one of the leading dispensing solution providers, with over 30 years of experience in dispensing technology. They custom build at least 300 machines a year. Your dispensing process is in good hands. They are one of the leading dispensing solution providers in the world. bdtronic has engineered solutions for customers in the automotive, electric and electronics industry and many more.

  • High-volume dispensing technology for EV and HEV
  • Use for vacuum potting guarantees an even distribution
  • An effective method of protecting components from external influences by means of a barrier
  • Suitable for materials with a short pot life
  • Wide range of high end material preparation and dispensing equipment


Liquid Dispensing Equipment

Rampf / Preferred System Provider

Build the optimal process for dispensing liquid thermal materials.
Rampf company logo

Based in Grafenberg, Germany, Rampf Production Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative systems for processing single, dual and multi-component reactive plastic systems. In addition to its core competence of mixing and dispensing technology, the company provides product-specific automation concepts with integrated parts transport and heat treatment, assembly and joining technology, as well as logistic and quality assurance solutions.

Their equipment suppliers have designed automated dispensing technologies that are exceptionally robust and unaffected by normal variation in materials properties. Optimized part life, plumbing components and pressure mechanisms combine to provide precision dispensing of gap filler materials for high throughput production operations.

Rampf’s customer-specific solutions include integrating both surface activation processes as well as testing and measuring technology to safeguard production processes. Prototypes and small series for customers are produced in the company’s state-of-the-art application engineering center. This wide-ranging expertise enables Rampf Production Systems to provide complete solutions for their customers production facilities.

As a ” Preferred System Provider” Rampf has the distinct ability to offer:

  • Custom production systems to fit your requirements
  • High performance systems that offer a solution to meet any production process
  • Prototypes and small series dispensing equipment
  • Material set-up assistance, dispensing pumps and mixing technology
  • Fast, worldwide expert support through the entire product life cycle
  • Leading-edge solutions for all aspects of project automation


Liquid Dispensing Equipment

Scheugenpflug / Preferred System Provider

Technology that sets standards: automated dispensing systems, from entry-level to high-end for liquid TIM.
Scheugenpflug company logo

With over 25 years of experience, Scheugenpflug is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative adhesive bonding, liquid dispensing and potting technology. From automotive, electronic or medical applications, customers all over the world have relied on their systems.

In light-weight automobile construction, for instance, manufacturers increasingly enhance joining methods such as bolting or welding by employing efficient liquid adhesive processes; in some instances, they can even completely eliminate them. State-of-the-art fluid dispensing and potting processes can also be used to implement complex designs which cannot be implemented with other processes or can only be implemented at a very high cost.
With the right atmospheric fluid dispensing systems, it is now possible to achieve repeat accuracies of ± 3 percent, and consequently a wide variety of different adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting tasks can be completed reliably and with the desired quality results.

Another key contributing factor is the use of suitable material preparation equipment with rugged feeding pumps and precision valves tailored to the material and application. Scheugenpflug offers you efficient fluid dispensing systems for a wide variety of applications: from customizable manual work stations, to powerful potting cells and systems, to innovative processing modules for integration in automated production processes. Thanks to the proven Scheugenpflug modular system, the scope and degree of automation for dispensing and metering systems can be adapted flexibly to the prevailing demand or to a changing production environment.

  • One of the world leaders of custom systems for liquid dispensing, bonding and potting technology
  • Able to handle casting resins and encapsulates
  • Work pieces and integrated components tailored to your application
  • Semi or fully automated systems, known for reliability and efficiency


Liquid Dispensing Equipment

Graco / Preferred System Provider

Graco’s automated dispensing systems help improve manufacturing efficiencies.
Graco company logo

As consumer, medical and automotive markets dictate the need for smaller devices, Graco’s single-source automated dispense equipment provides accurate material dispensing capability so manufacturers have greater design flexibility and can control production costs for greater efficiency.

Graco systems dispense either a single-component or plural-component thermally conductive material onto printed circuit boards within electronic control modules. The silicone based, high-viscosity material can be dispensed in volumes in a range from 1 to 50 cc’s.

  • Precise automated dispensing of many fluid types – specializing in tough-to-handle materials such as thermal interface
  • Medium to high-viscosity materials from pails or drums to metering and dispensing systems
  • Solutions are configurable for one and two-component chemistries, with a flexible design to adapt easily as materials and parts change
  • Graco provides a personalized partnership experience – including solution planning and implementation guidance