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Kerafol Dispenses Gap Filler Liquid GFL 3030 with bdtronic

Kerafol has started a project to find the best thermal solution for a new Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS is designed by one of the leading big tier ones and is used to control the battery at fully electric cars. Together with our partners Edo Components and bdtronic we found very good results with the GFL 3030.

• High thermal conductivity of 3 W/mK
• reproducible parameters due to precise dispensing
• High material reliability due to long term stability, proved according

New Polytec Custom-tailored Thermally Conductive Materials for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Batteries

Polytec PT develops and produces silicone-free thermal interface materials and technical epoxy adhesives such as electrically conductivity adhesives, all designed for ease of use and durability. In coordination with customer and market requirements, Polytec PT is constantly developing new, improved materials customized to their customers particular application.

• Thermally conductive silicone free adhesives and gap fillers
• EN ISO 9001 certified
• Based and manufactured in Germany
• Specialize in technologies for e-mobility and silicone sensitive applications