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More freedom, less headaches. See how easy it can be to solve heat issues, shorten your development cycle and move to market. Now you’re able to explore all your thermal management options with one stop. As an independent source, our portfolio provides the widest range of reliable thermal materials you’ll find anywhere. R-tek’s experience-driven, value-based expertise helps clients increase efficiency and achieve successful thermal outcomes.

Sheeted thermally conductive dielectric materials with varying hardness levels, substrates and thicknesses to ensure the longevity of electronic systems by removing the heat and electrically isolating power components. These flexible materials are extremely versatile and are often designed for their ease of automation.

Phase change materials and greases are available in a multitude of polymers and fillers. They are designed to offer the highest level of performance in a thermal interface material – for the most system critical components.

Gap filling pads are designed with varying levels of thermal performance, thicknesses, and levels of hardness. They are often available with different substrates depending on electrical, thermal, rework and processing requirements. These products are extremely versatile and have been used in just about every assembly that requires thermal management materials.

The liquid dispensed, thermally conductive line of gap fillers offer several levels of thermal performance in both one and two-component dispensing systems. They are available with a wide variety of working-time and cure schedules to fit production requirements and accommodate downtime with minimal scrap. These products lend themselves best to automated dispensing systems and are some of the most cost effective ways to efficiently manage heat in the system.

Low viscosity potting compounds are available with thermal performance levels up to about 3 W/m-K. These self-leveling materials are used to fill in small gaps and help efficiently remove heat from intricate shapes. Several backbones are available, depending on the mechanical requirements, with systems soft enough to protect ferrite cores or tough enough for use in motor windings.

Thermally conductive, structural adhesive materials can come in a variety of forms. They are available as pressure sensitive tapes and laminates to liquid dispensed cure-in-place systems with multiple curing mechanisms. These products can offer the highest level of thermal interface reliability in some of the most demanding applications and can often replace screws or other mechanical fasteners.

There are several thin dielectric coatings emerging on the market that lend themselves to thermal management. These products are designed to coat metal surfaces and offer a robust electrically insulating layer while adding very low thermal resistance to the interface.

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Discover a more successful path forward. R-tek can guide you to protecting your devices circuitry with some of the most advanced materials on the planet. Our value-driven, experience-based expertise helps clients achieve successful thermal outcomes. We work with a wide spectrum of clients from OEMs to Tier 3 suppliers. Whether you are a small, medium-sized or a large corporation, let’s find your solution now.

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