Meeting customer-focused needs with customized materials, design assistance and production technologies.

Think of us as your personal solution provider, bringing you the best answers to the hardest questions. Through our extensive network of key partners, we provide the resources to achieve your applications requirements. Our partners aim high to focus on your needs with a comprehensive range of materials, including custom sheeted materials, thermally conductive interface tapes, gap and liquid fillers, conductive adhesives, phase change materials, potting compounds, vibration and more.

With a single source, you’re linked with the world’s best thermal material manufacturers. The push is to design smaller devices that run cooler, perform more reliably and whose components last longer. One size does not fit all and R-tek represents a unique group of material suppliers. It’s important to consider the material, the options and the process technology to use for each design. These particular providers have innovative production methods and advanced manufacturing techniques. They are actively working to improve existing product lines and to create progressively new formulations for the future.

We bring the best solutions together. R-tek connects you with some of the world’s leading solution providers.

Our company is dedicated to searching the world to find suppliers with material sets that meet the standard requirements of many electronic modules, while at the same time keeping your material and the overall cost usage competitive. R-tek continuously keeps watch for unique and innovative products to make sure you are aware of the best new technologies the market has to offer. In addition, R-tek Thermal has aligned itself with several established research and development labs. This allows us to be able to offer new or custom materials, fulfilling the markets evolving requirements.


Kerafol / Preferred Material Provider

Kerafol successfully develops and produces materials for the field of thermal management. The products have been used in various electronic applications for over 25 years, from power electronics to various automotive applications such as battery, power conversions, electric powertrain, charging, sensor technology and much more. Kerafol offers a unique product portfolio, especially for thermal management requirements from the automotive sector. This ranges from liquid 2-component gap filler liquids, thermal pastes (silicone and silicone-free), compressible and leveling gap pads, highly thermal conductive and electrical insulating thin standard tapes, thermal conductive 2-component adhesive and thermal conductive adhesive tapes, to granulate for injection molding up to customized solutions.

This comprehensive range of thermal interface materials ensure efficient cooling of the electronic components by connecting the heat source to the heat sink with electrical insulation at the same time – an important prerequisite for the high quality requirements from the automotive sector. Through Kerafol’s thermal interface material, the connection and compensation of corresponding component tolerances, gaps or air inclusions can be realized in a simple way individually. Thus, Kerafol can offer the optimal solution for any thermal problem, helping to meet the heat management requirements for today and tomorrow.

  • Kerafol offers a wide range of products including custom solutions
  • Growing portfolio of gap filler pads and liquids, heat conducting films, thermal grease, phase-change, graphite films, adhesive films and coatings
  • Kerafol products are used in many applications, such as microelectronics, thermal management, filtration, sensor technology, SOFC fuel cells and LTCC technology

NanoTIM / Preferred Material Provider

NanoTIM Company Ltd, is a specialist in Thermal Interface Material (TIM). They manufacture advanced thermally conductive materials, such as thermal interface gap fillers, phase-change materials and thermal pads. These heat management materials improve both the reliability and life expectancy of your electronic products.

NanoTIM is the exclusive TIM supplier for all Hyundai and KIA electric vehicle battery systems. They supply product for the current Hyundai KONA and IONIQ, as well as, the KIA Soul and Niro EV.

  • Thermally conductive silicone based pads, liquids and greases
  • TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Based and manufactured in Daejeon, South Korea
  • Management a-la-carte for large volume manufacturing

Polytec PT / Preferred Material Provider

Polytec PT develops, manufactures and distributes special adhesives for applications in electronics, electrical engineering and automotive electronics, as well as, the solar industry and the manufacture of smart cards. In addition to an extensive portfolio of electrically and thermally conductive adhesives, transparent and UV-hardening products, they can also tailor formulations for the more demanding of adhesive applications.

Polytec PT develops and produces silicone-free thermal interface materials and technical epoxy adhesives such as electrically conductivity adhesives, all designed for ease of use and durability. In coordination with customer and market requirements, Polytec PT is constantly developing new, improved materials customized to their customers particular application.

  • Thermally conductive silicone free adhesives and gap fillers
  • EN ISO 9001 certified
  • Based and manufactured in Karlsbad, Germany
  • Specializing in technologies for e-mobility and silicone sensitive applications

Olympic Bonding Solutions / Preferred Material Provider

Olympic is an acrylic foam tape manufacturer. They are specialists in acrylate chemistry offering high-end, customized solutions. Their acrylic foam tape (AFT) can replace mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives in permanent bonding applications. Olympic Bonding Solutions is headquartered in western Europe with their own production facility in the Netherlands.

  • Olympic products use no solvents and are fully RoHS compliant
  • Replace mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives in permanent bonding applications that require high-strength adhesion
  • AFT is lightweight, strong and easy to apply
  • Versatile, higher quality acrylate at a lower price point
  • Can be modified for a fully custom solution, works in a variety of sectors

EFI Polymers / Preferred Material Provider

EFI Polymers is a company based in Denver, Colorado. They are a custom polymer formulator, manufacturer and supplier of one and two-part epoxy potting, urethane potting, adhesives, specialty coatings and electrical potting products. Their materials are used for sealing and protecting electrical devices from harsh environments, bonding and securing materials and to coat substrates. They can tailor a custom polymer solution that increases operational efficiency while driving down overall costs. Potted motors with their materials show decreased operating temps, translating into improved performance with benefits like increased horsepower, higher efficiency and greater life cycles. EFI guides its customers through the selection process and that includes ensuring that the correct equipment is being used for their application.

  • Thermally conductive and non-thermally conductive potting and adhesives
  • Multiple backbone options with fast customization
  • ISO 9001:2015
motor/stator epoxy and potting

Sorbothane, Inc. / Preferred Material Provider

Sorbothane, Inc. manufacturers a proprietary, visco-elastic polymer. It is a thermoset, polyether-based, polyurethane material. It delivers a superior damping coefficient, over a very wide temperature range, compared to any other polymer. It combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics. While many materials exhibit one of these characteristics, Sorbothane® combines all of them in a stable material with a long fatigue life. Sorbothane® has a low creep rate compared to other polymers like rubber, neoprene, silicone, etc.

Sorbothane® has a superior damping coefficient, over a very wide temperature range, compared to any other polymer. Sorbothane’s operating temperature range is -20° to +160° Fahrenheit (-29° to 72° Celsius). Unlike fluid-based shock absorbers or foam products, Sorbothane® absorbs shocks efficiently for millions of cycles. Sorbothane® eliminates the need for metal springs to return the system to its equilibrium position after absorbing a shock.

The sensitive nature of phones, tablets and mobile electronics make them susceptible to damage due to drop shock and over-the-road vibration. Sorbothane® corner mounts are designed to protect delicate screens and stored information from impact harm. GPS and computer systems secured in cars, trucks and tractors can be isolated from destructive vibration by Sorbothane® parts. A properly designed and executed component can help insure the integrity and function of hand-held and mobile devices. Sorbothane® has wide applications in:

  • Shock absorption in industrial, electronic, athletic and medical applications
  • Vibration isolation and dampening in industrial, electronic and ergonomic applications
  • Gasket and sealing in industrial and electronic applications
  • Applications where low cost, high color plastic molding is required
  • High-space-efficiency acoustic absorption and barrier