R-tek collaborates with technology across key market segments.

R-tek works with a diverse array of industries and markets. We excel at developing customized solutions to fit application-specific thermal challenges. Computing, data storage, automotive, power, telecom, solar, lighting, aerospace, medical and military are just a few of the markets we currently serve. Our multidisciplinary background is keenly focused on developing advanced options that improve efficiency, increase reliability and add value for the customer.

“R-tek helps you make informed decisions with extensive up-to-date data.”

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A new opportunity to test and innovate. We’re a strong partner in developing a reliable long term thermal solution.

R-tek Thermal Solutions has spent decades working with mechanical engineers, chemists, processing engineers and automated equipment manufacturers from countless industries.

One of our most useful tools is the essential ability to work with all the many professionals involved in the electronics manufacturing process. That skill helps us bring together the best global resources to solve the thermal management requirements necessary in your modules. And then providing all levels of support, from concept through production. We take care of your thermal management – so you can take care of all the other things.

We assist clients within many different market sectors. R-tek has helped solve thermal management challenges for some of the world’s best known companies.”

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